Network news show gets a flunking grade from education agency

AUSTIN -- It's pretty safe to say Fox & Friends didn't make any new friends at the Texas Education Agency on Wednesday.

The state agency put out a news release about noon, trying to clear up "inaccuracies" it said the Fox Network show had broadcast that morning.

Among them was the idea that Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Independence Day and Veteran's Day would be removed from textbooks, the press release said.

No, the TEA answered, that's not the case. First of all, the curriculum standards, not textbooks, are what's before the board, they said.

Second, all of those items are still in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as they stand.

The show also apparently made reference to the deletion of Christmas from the social studies TEKS. No, again, the TEA said.

A recommendation to delete Christmas from a list of world religion holidays and leave Easter was immediately rejected by the board. Christmas was restored months ago.

The release closed by asking citizens to read the standards for themselves on the TEA Web site.

Board member Pat Hardy, who represents Fort Worth, wanted that, too. She said a lot of people were confused about what the board and the board-appointed review committees have been doing and they could clear up that confusion by going to the source.

"It's out there for the whole world to see," she said. "Unfortunately the world hasn't been looking at that. They'd rather come to us and talk to us."

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