Tweet your way to a new job

Can you keep your résumé to under 140 characters?

You may be able to tweet your way into a new career, according to Susan Britton-Whitcomb, Deb Dib and Chandlee Bryan, co-authors of a recently published book, The Twitter Job Search Guide.

The Web site is changing how people hunt for work, they said.

"In the past, you had to go through a maze of gatekeepers to get to the cloistered person in charge of hiring decisions," Britton-Whitcomb said. The authors give these tips for your short and sweet, real-time job search:

■ Active participation is essential. Take the time to regularly expand your network and engage others.

■ Be transparent when reaching out to a hiring manager or person with influence about a job, but make sure the relationship is give-and-take in some way.

■ Be sure to post regular updates about your job search and acknowledge those helping you.

■ Be specific when it comes to your career objectives, skills, interests and your brand.