Azle schools reopening Thursday with emergency plan for food preparation

After an unexpected three-day vacation because of a broken water main and boil notice, Azle students will have classes tomorrow.

"Our intent is to be open in the morning," said Ray Ivey, director of administration for the Azle district.

A statement on the district's Web site said it has two plans in place. If the water tests show no contamination, school will resume as normal. If the boil notice is still in place, the district has an emergency plan.

Azle has been under a boil notice since Sunday morning after a water main broke. The main is now fixed, and crews continue to flush out the lines and monitor water pressure.

Ivey said school officials met with Tarrant County Public Health to discuss an "emergency contingency plan" to reopen the schools. Food service will be limited to foods that don't require water for preparation.

For instance, students will have cereal with milk for breakfast and will likely have sandwiches for lunch today, Ivey said.

The schools will use containers and utensils that can be thrown away, he said.

Bottled water will also be brought in for the students, and the district is considering leasing water dispensers, he said.

Two of the district's campuses -- Liberty and Silvercreek elementaries -- are on systems that are not connected to Azle's water supply, and food can be prepared as normal, he said.

Once test results show that Azle can lift the boil notice, Ivey said, the district will flush out all of the lines, turn on the faucets, and empty and clean the ice machines.

The possibility of snow doesn't seem to be a concern, but officials are watching, Ivey said.

It may be different story by Friday morning, when forecasters are predicting a 100 percent chance of snow.

Meanwhile, Will Scott, Azle's fire chief, said Wednesday that water test results were expected as early as that evening.