Family-friendly video games offer fun for those stuck-inside days

Looking for some great video games for the kids for a little indoor fun? Here are five to try.

Disney Sing It: Pop Hits

Game play: Kids compete, karaoke-style, with songs from Colbie Caillat, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and others.

Favorite feature: Disney Channel star Tiffany Thornton hosts voice lessons on such topics as breathing, riffing and singing duets.

Buying info: Ages 6 and up, Disney Interactive Studios; Wii, PS3, PS2, $50 bundled with a microphone ($40 without the microphone)

JumpStart Pet Rescue

Game play: Preschoolers journey through five worlds in search of lost pets. Along the way, they play more than 30 educational games that teach sorting, color identification and other early learning skills.

Favorite feature: Our testers especially enjoyed the virtual storybooks they earned as they completed the challenges in each world.

Buying info: Ages 3 to 6, Knowledge Adventure; Wii, $30


Game play: In this compelling puzzle game, players need to think of an object that will help Maxwell, an animated character, collect a star. When the name of the object is typed on the DS, it appears on the screen for Maxwell to use.

Favorite feature: No matter what words they thought of -- ewer, longhorn, crampon -- our testers were amazed that the game knew what the object was.

Buying info: Ages 10 and up, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; DS, $30

Lego Rock Band

Game play: Combine two kid favorites, Legos and video games, with the teen appeal of Rock Band, and you've got a surefire hit. Young rockers assemble their band from virtual bricks, then jam to songs such as Kung Fu Fighting and I Want You Back.

Favorite feature: As players master songs, they can collect cool vehicles to take them to their next gig.

Buying info: Ages 8 and up (Some adult language in lyrics); Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment; Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, $50; DS, $30

Mini Ninjas

Game play: It's a classic game of good versus evil, played out within a beautiful computer-animated world. When players defeat their samurai enemies, the fallen warriors don't die. They simply return to their nonevil animal form and help protect the balance of the natural world.

Favorite feature: Our testers liked the mini ninjas' special skills, such as being able to hypnotize the samurai with a magical flute then make them do a silly dance.

Buying info: Ages 10 and up, Eidos Interactive; PS3, Xbox 360, $50; Wii, $40; PC, DS, $30