Good Samaritan's wife saw him get hit repeatedly by cars on highway

Ronald Davis Jr. saw two disabled vehicles on North Stemmons Freeway in Dallas early Sunday and stopped to help them.

Davis got down on a knee to check one vehicle and then stood up, his common-law wife said Monday.

That's when a sports utility vehicle hit the 30-year-old Denton man from behind and tossed him over a median and into other lanes of traffic where he got hit several times.

"I just wanted to jump over the median and hold him," Jessica Brock Davis said Monday morning. "He kept getting hit."

Dallas police continued their search Monday for the hit-and-run driver who hit Davis.

The incident happened about 1:40 a.m. Sunday in the 11300 block of N. Stemmons Freeway in Dallas.

Jessica Brock Davis said Monday that she and her common-law husband had been in Dallas to take a friend to visit his brother.

The three were headed back to Denton, and Davis pulled off the highway when he saw the two disabled vehicles.

"He got out to help," Brock Davis said Monday. "I stayed inside and so did our friend."

Within seconds, Davis was hit.

"I never saw it coming," Brock Davis said. "If I had, I could have yelled at Ronald."

Brock Davis described the vehicle as possibly a white or silver sports utility vehicle like a Suburban.

The vehicle stopped, but left the scene without checking on Davis, Dallas police said.

That motorist faces charges of failure to stop and render aid, and other charges, Dallas police said.