Teacher assaulted at Grapevine charter school, police say

GRAPEVINE -- An 18-year-old Winfree Academy Charter student faces an assault charge on allegations he repeatedly struck a teacher because she’d requested he use hand sanitizer after sneezing on a computer keyboard.

“I got angry and attacked her,” Daniel Erman told officers when questioned about the Thursday afternoon alleged assault at the school at 1250 William D. Tate, according to a Grapevine police report.

Erman was arrested on suspicion of assault by bodily injury and booked into the Grapevine Jail. He remained held Friday morning with bail set at $1,000, said Lt. Todd Dearing, police spokesman.

The 34-year-old teacher had no visible injuries but told police that she felt pain from the alleged assault.

The teacher told officers that she had been assisting Erman with his computer when he sneezed all over the keyboard. She said she suggested Erman get some hand sanitizer and clean off the keyboard, which he did before resuming his class work.

According to the police report, the student sneezed a second time on the keyboard, prompting the teacher to once again make the suggestion he get some hand sanitizer and clean off the keyboard.

This time, the teacher told police, Erman got up and punched her on the right side of her jaw. She told police she tried to walk away but Erman followed, striking her in the back at least three times.

Another student who had been present in the classroom during the alleged assault told police that Erman, who had been coughing continuously, became extremely irate with the teacher and used profanity against her. The student said she saw Erman push the teacher twice but did not observe Erman strike the teacher in the face.

Erman told police that he had become upset because the teacher kept asking him to use hand sanitizer. He admitted to striking the teacher a few times in the back but denied hitting her in the face, the report states.

Assault bodily injury is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.