Burleson investigation finds no evidence incidents were attempted abductions

Investigations have found no evidence that four reported incidents of strangers approaching children were attempted abductions, the city of Burleson announced Friday.

Some original accounts from children have been recanted, others have changed and others could not be substantiated by evidence, according to a city statement.

“The Burleson Police Department has determined there is no evidence an attempted child abduction or kidnapping occurred in any of the four incidents,” the statement said. “Nor is there any evidence that a child predator was involved in any of the four incidents reported.”

The incidents were originally reported to police as attempted child abductions. However, police have reclassified three of them as suspicious person reports.

Burleson police were assisted in the investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

City officials noted that the four incidents have received substantial media attention and “understandably raised the concern of many within the Burleson community.”

However, police advised residents to remain vigilant reporting suspicious activity. Anyone who sees a crime in progress should call 911. Information about a crime that has already occurred can be reported to the Burleson Police Department at 817-426-9903.

To remain anonymous, individuals may call Crime Stoppers at 817-295-LEAD (5323). For more information, call the police department’s automated phone line, 817-426-9910.