11-year-old Bedford girl screams, escapes abduction attempt

BEDFORD -- An 11-year-old girl thwarted an abduction Monday afternoon when she screamed and ran away from her attacker near an elementary school, police said Tuesday.

The man tried to grab the girl but she escaped by running to a nearby apartment complex office near Bell Manor Elementary, 1300 Winchester Way.

No one has been arrested.

The incident happened shortly after school let out for the day on Monday afternoon.

The girl told police that she was standing near the back of the school waiting for a family member to pick her up when a man walked up to her, telling her that he was looking for his lost dog.

The suspect tried to get the girl into a van, but she screamed and ran away, police said.

Police described the man as a light-skinned African-American man, about 5-feet-6 to 5-feet-8, slender build with shaggy light brown hair, wearing a red shirt and dark jeans.

The suspect drove away in a white van with three windows on the side, police said.