DIY: Holiday centerpieces under $35

Deck the halls without breaking the bank! These holiday centerpieces are easy to make and each cost less than $35 to make. How do you do it?

Check for sales on glassware and holiday craft items at area craft stores. You can also repurpose decor you already have in your home! And don't forget to include your family in the fun of making these fun holiday art pieces.

Christmas and CandlelightsSupplies:

Large candle holder ($6.99, found at Marshall's)

Medium candle holder ($4.99, found at Marshall's)

Bowl ($7.99, found at Marshall's)

2 boxes of Antique style ornaments ($4.99 ea, found at Marshall's)

2 Candles ($1.99 ea)

2 Pieces scrapbook paper ($.59 ea)

Fall feather boa ($1.99 reg $3.99)

Cost: $35

Hanukkah Hurricane

Hurricane vase ($5, reg $12.99)

Silver charger ($1.99)

4 bags of glitter balls ($2.50 reg $4.99, 2 silver, 2 blue found at Hobby Lobby)

5 long silver berries floral stems ($1.24 reg $2.49)

Cost: $23

Polka-dot Pomegranates and Key Limes


Pomegranates ($6.00 @ 2.99 a pd)

Key limes ($1.99 bag)

Green metallic craft paint ($1.99)

Wire basket ($4.99 purchased at Marshall's)

Large leaves ($3.50 reg $6.99 pkg of 2)

Satin fabric ($4.50 Found in leftovers section in fabric dept. at Hobby Lobby)

Paint brush

(The metal plaque and painted chest were existing home decor)

Directions: Paint polka dots on pomegranates.

Arrange pomegranates and limes in basket.

Place basket on Leaves and fabric.

Cost: $23

Glitter pinecone arrangement


Round cardboard craft boxes

1 Small ($2.49)

1 Medium ($2.99)

1 Large ($3.49)

20 Glitter pinecones stems ($.39 reg $.77 ea)

8 Glitter Eucalyptus floral stems ($.64 reg $1.27 ea)

2 Pieces scrapbook paper ($.59 ea)

2 Floral foam blocks ($1.99 ea)

Mod Podge

Glitter glue

Foam brushes


Cardboard box:

1. Cut strips from scrapbook paper for the sides of box. (Cut different shapes to create your own design)

2. Use foam brush and Mod Podge to attach paper around the box. Let dry.

3. With a foam brush coat box with a light layer of glitter glue.

Floral centerpiece:

1. Cut block of floral foam so it's 1" shorter than the box. Place foam block in box.

2. Stick Eucalyptus floral stems in center of floral foam (1 for small, 3 for Medium, 4 for large).

3. Stick Pinecone floral stems in outer perimeter of floral foam to fill out centerpiece.

Cost: $27 (Cost does not include Mod Podge, Glitter glue and foam brush)

Pumpkin topiary


5 Artificial pumpkins

1 Large ($4.00 reg. $7.99)

1 Medium ($2.00 reg $3.99)

1 Medium ($2.00 reg $3.99)

1 Small ($1.24 reg $2.47)

1 Small ($1.47 reg $.74)

2 stems of fall leaves ($.99ea reg. $1.98)

2 stems of fall berries ($.50ea reg $.99ea)

1 flower pot ($3.49 reg $6.99) Glue Gun


1. Remove stems from all but the smallest pumpkin.

2. Cut 4 sets of leaves.

3. Evenly secure leaf stems with hot glue around the rim of pot.

4. Secure large pumpkin to rim of pot with hot glue.

5. Hot glue leaves to top of large pumpkin.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with remaining pumpkins and leaves.

7. Cut and place single berries and berry stems with hot glue randomly between pumpkins and leaves.

Cost: $15.69 (All supplies, not including glue gun or tax, were purchased 50% off at Hobby Lobby.)

Fall candle arrangement


Hurricane ($3.00 reg. $7.99)

Candle (I used one I had at home)

Mirror ($5.47)

Plastic jewels $3.99

Glitter Leaves: $2.99

Satin fabric ($4.50 Found in leftovers section in fabric dept. at Hobby Lobby)

Cost: $19.95 (candle not included)

Photos and crafts: Heather Witherspoon blogger