Minnesota woman gives birth to 15-pound baby

All right, this story made my tummy hurt.

Last Monday, Nov. 23, a Minnesota woman gave birth to a 15-pound 6-oz. baby boy. The parents were on the TODAY show this weekend.

Wendi and Michael Dolton of Rochester, Minn., told the TODAY show that they knew their infant would be big, at least 12pounds, but they weren't expecting the baby to weigh in at 15 lbs.

Axel Laverne Dolton was born three weeks premature and still weighed in at more than twice the average birth weight of babies born in Minnesota.

Here's the Today show video:

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Believe it or not, this isn't the only big baby story.

In September, a 39-year-old Romanian woman gave birth to a 15 pound baby that is 24 inches long. The parents already have 9 children.

Check out this video:

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