New & notable: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan returns

Tom Clancy Commander in Chief is the third solo novel from Mark Greaney, following Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect and Tom Clancy Support and Defend. The bestselling author (the “Gray Man” series) had collaborated with Clancy on Command Authority, Threat Vector and Locked On before Clancy’s death in 2013.

“I realized with my recent experience with the ‘Ryanverse’ I was a good fit to revive the series, so all I could do was try my best to keep the characters, themes and values that were part of Tom Clancy’s writing world,” Greaney recently wrote for Signature. “... I worked hard to deliver the type of action-packed, well-researched story that made Tom Clancy a household name.”

Greaney, who has a degrees in international relations and political science, is capably carrying the action-packed Tom Clancy torch. And length of book, too — this one is 700-plus pages.

This installment has President Jack Ryan facing a familiar foe — treacherous Russian President Valeri Volodin, who has designs on reclaiming land belonging to the former Soviet Union. Any resemblance to current Russian President Vladimir Putin is purely intentional.

Greaney’s Back Blast, his fifth Gray Man novel featuring international assassin-for-hire Court Gentry, will be published Feb.16.

Celeste Williams

Tom Clancy Commander in Chief: A Jack Ryan Novel

  • By Mark Greaney
  • G.P. Putnam’s Sons, $29.95
  • Audio: Random House Audio, $55; actor Scott Brick is the voice of Jack Ryan.