Taco Bell debuts a taco with a fried-chicken shell

Naked Chicken Chalupa at Taco Bell
Naked Chicken Chalupa at Taco Bell Taco Bell via Business Wire

In yet another blow to the field of cardiology, Taco Bell has announced its latest concoction: the Naked Chicken Chalupa which is basically a taco with a fried-chicken shell.

After testing the culinary invention in Bakersfield, Calif. and Kansas City, Mo., the California-based chain is rolling it out nationally Jan. 26.

“Fried chicken is growing at a tremendous clip,” Taco Bell president Brian Niccol told Bloomberg News. “It’s a real void on our menu, and it’s something that our customers ask us for.”

The Naked Chicken Chalupa features seasoned all-white chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and avocado ranch sauce.

According to Bloomberg, quoting the National Chicken Council, Americans will eat approximately 91.7 pounds of chicken per person this year.