Wet n Wild offers budget-friendly Halloween makeup line

Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Crawl The Line Kit in Pow Pop Diva, $5.99, Walgreens.
Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Crawl The Line Kit in Pow Pop Diva, $5.99, Walgreens.

Halloween is right around the corner and time is running out to find a costume for this weekend’s festivities.

To help you with your Halloween needs, drugstore makeup brand Wet n Wild has a released a new batch of its Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Crawl the Line Stencils Kits ($5.99, Walgreens). Available in a variety of characters, the budget-friendly kits make Halloween easier by supplying you with everything you need to transform from an ordinary human into an otherworldly creature like a magical mermaid or zombie bride.

First impression

The kits say they come with everything you need to create a fun look for Halloween.

Each kit includes a specially coordinated palette of cream face paints, a set of stencils, a mini black eyeliner and a makeup applicator. All makeup can be washed off with soap and water.

For this review, I chose to try the Pop Pow Diva and She Wolf kits. I would describe Pop Pow Diva as a fun, arty, Roy Lichtenstein-inspired look, while She Wolf looks like the quintessential sexy beast you see pop up every Halloween.

Right off the bat, I had issues with the kits. I had assumed a step-by-step guide would be provided, showing how to replicate the look on the product’s packaging.

Instead, there was only a short rundown on how to use the stencils, with no guidance on placement. And the stencils are more like stickers than actual stencils, which means saving them to use again is difficult. They also don’t adhere to your face that well, which can make the application process difficult since they move around.

Thankfully, the makeup wasgood quality. The cream face paints, as well as the black eyeliner, are highly pigmented and apply smoothly to the skin.

Nothing about the makeup indicates that it is long-lasting, so a nice setting spray (preferably matte) would probably help to ensure that your makeup doesn’t budge after application.

Fab or flub?

Flab. Although they may be a great bargain buy for anyone looking to do Halloween on the cheap, the Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild Crawl the Line Stencils Kits could use some minor improvements.

As I mentioned earlier, the flimsy stencils don’t always adhere well to the face, which can cause issues with makeup application.

I also found it highly inconvenient that the kits do not include a full set of instructions on how to re-create each character’s look. Instead, an abbreviated version is provided that tells you how to use the stencils with no suggestion on where to place them or what colors from the palette to use.

After perusing the Wet n Wild website for help, I found step-by-step videos that the brand made for the Zombie Bride and Pop Pow Diva kits. Both videos go into full detail on where to place the stickers and how to apply the makeup, as well as what additional products you need to achieve the look (turns out the kits don’t include everything that’s needed, as advertised).

With all that said, when the stencils do stick properly and you’ve got an idea of what you are supposed to be doing, the kits are pretty fantastic.

The makeup included in the kit is way better than any other budget-friendly costume makeup I have purchased from a Halloween specialty store, and I like that it washes off easily without being harsh on the skin.

If you do decide to pick up one of the kits, I highly recommend the Pop Pow Diva one. Not only was it the easiest to re-create of the two I tried (without clear instructions, the She Wolf look proved to be too complex), but the finished look was fun and unique.