‘Trumpkins’ are back to inspire you this Halloween - just in time

Artist Jeanette Paras poses with the “Trumpkin” last Halloween.
Artist Jeanette Paras poses with the “Trumpkin” last Halloween.

Say you have a political bent. And you want your carved up Halloween pumpkin to send a political message in the heated days before the election. Here’s your inspiration:

That’s right. It’s a Trumpkin. And once again this year it’s showing up all over in various incarnations:

But don’t think The Donald is the only candidate showing up on Halloween pumpkins this year:

Largely due to Donald Trump’s hairstyle and skin color, Trumpkins started popping up all over last Halloween.

Some were fairly intricate:

Alec Baldwin, who caricatured Trump on Saturday Night Live, got into the act with an Instagram post (he could use a little help):


Donald Trumpkin...

A photo posted by Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) on

Expect to see a lot more Trumpkins this year.

You’ve got a few ideas to get started, but if you need more inspiration, Sacramento State media professor, filmmaker and author Daniel Smith-Rowsey notes in his blog MAP to the Future, you’ve got Trumpsters, Trumpicans, Trumpalos, Trumpians, Trumpitups, Trumper cars, Trumper crops, Trumpagogs, and on and on. My personal favorite: Trumpa-Loompas.

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