Hail to the kitschy election collectibles

Chia Donald Trump, $19.99, Amazon.
Chia Donald Trump, $19.99, Amazon.

The race for the White House between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has heated up so fast and furiously that we’ve hardly remembered to stop and buy souvenirs. With just a month to go until Election Day, there’s still time to get our hands on kitschy election collectibles. From the tacky and tasteless to the funny and absurd, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s political taste — or disdain. For grins and giggles, here are some items that will forever remind us of 2016.

Going head-to-head

Thanks to the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, you can showcase your political alliance in bobblehead form. Choose from presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton or opt for the less polarizing BobbleFlag (a patriotic alternative for independents).

Buy: $20.16 each,

Like clockwork

No need to stretch the truth for fun. The Washington Watch Co.’s Trump Growing Nose Watch is 100 percent proven to incite laughter throughout the day. As time ticks on, The Donald’s nose triples in length every six seconds. Available in gold or silver tones.

Buy: $19.95,

Best face forward

We’ve seen her face everywhere the past year, and whether you want to or not, you can see it every time you carry the’s Limited Edition Hillary Clinton Makeup Bag. Available in three color styles, the 100 percent cotton canvas makeup bag features an image of Clinton clad in her signature pearl accessories.

Buy: $39.99,

Half empty or half full?

Just in time for the next debate, the Donald Trump-Inspired Collector Stein wants to help our country “Make Beer Great Again.” Filled with your favorite American-brewed beer, the stein offers a fun way for both parties to make this year’s election more tolerable.

Buy: $39.95,

Let it grow

Pledge your support this election year by growing a Chia Pet version of your preferred presidential candidate. Unlike their real-life counterparts, Chia Hillary Clinton and Chia Donald Trump are low-maintenance and can be easily discarded if you’re not satisfied.

Buy: $19.99 each,

Sock it to me

Pay homage to Donald Trump’s signature combover with’s Donald Trump Hairy Crew Socks. The unisex-style socks feature a tuft of faux blond hair that can be braided, teased or combed over for a more realistic look.

Buy: $29.99,

The mirror has two faces

This Halloween, stand out in the sea of Harley Quinns and Harambes by dressing up as your favorite presidential candidate. To nail the look (and strike fear into the hearts of those you encounter), try one of Party City’s unintentionally creepy presidential candidate masks.

Female Presidential Candidate Mask, $9.99, Party City. Party City

Buy: Female Presidential Candidate Mask, $9.99; Billionaire Presidential Candidate Mask, $29.99, Party City