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Musicbed premieres feature-length documentary ‘Make’

Graphic designer Aaron Draplin in a scene from ‘Make.’
Graphic designer Aaron Draplin in a scene from ‘Make.’

We’ve written about Fort Worth music licensing firm Musicbed a few times before, but on July 18, the company, based in north Fort Worth, will making a statement of its own, with a feature-length documentary premiering on Vimeo on Demand.

Titled Make, the film aspires to explore “the hearts, minds, successes and failures of creators with a cast of visionary artists, designers, filmmakers and musicians answering deeply personal questions about their creative lives,” according to a statement from the company.

“It’s so easy to be blinded by dollars, followers and awards,” said Daniel McCarthy, Musicbed’s founder and CEO and executive producer of the film, in a statement. “It’s a pitfall that is more evident in today’s culture than ever before, but it’s also an issue as old as time itself. ... Our hope is that Make will force creatives to question their motives and find a more freeing and healthier vision of what it means to be an artist.”

Make, produced over a period of two years, features interviews with a broad mix of artistic types, including graphic designer Aaron Draplin, musicians Drew Holcomb and David King, filmmaker Salomon Lighthelm and photographer Miller Mobley.

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