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Hand Drawn Pressing to open new vinyl manufacturing facility this fall

A rendering of the Warmtone machine
A rendering of the Warmtone machine

Dallas-based independent record label Hand Drawn Records is expanding its vinyl record pressing service with what it says will be the world’s “first automated record presses” in more than three decades.

This fall, Hand Drawn Pressing, an extension, founded in 2014, of the Hand Drawn brand, will unveil its state-of-the-art Warm Tone record press, engineered by Toronto-based start-up Viryl Technologies, at its Dallas facility, which is scheduled to open this fall.

As HDR chief marketing officer Dustin Blocker told Pitchfork earlier today, the new press has an ambitious goal of pressing one million records a year, making Hand Drawn Pressing, potentially, one of, if not the most, productive vinyl-manufacturing facilities in the country.

“The technological advances in efficiency, and cycle time speed is unmatched by any of Warm Tone’s vintage predecessors, yet it is Hand Drawn’s unwavering commitment to the artist, which sets Hand Drawn Pressing apart,” the company said in a statement.

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