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Fort Worth Music Festival taking 2015 off

Lucinda Williams headlined the 2014 Fort Worth Music Festival.
Lucinda Williams headlined the 2014 Fort Worth Music Festival. All Eyes Media

If you were glancing at the concert calendar, noting all of the upcoming festivals spread throughout North Texas, you might have wondered where one, in particular, was hiding.

The Fort Worth Music Festival, which has traditionally been a springtime affair the last couple of years, is taking 2015 off. (Its 2014 incarnation at Panther Island Pavilion was, Billy Gibbons’ diva antics notwithstanding, a pretty enjoyable evening on the banks of the Trinity River.)

The festival made the announcement earlier today via its website and Facebook page with a simple photo, with a caption reading “Thank you everyone who come [sic] out last year. Fort Worth has a great music scene. This year, due to other commitments, we could not devote the time and attention the festival deserves. We hope to be back in the future.”

In speaking with organizers, it’s clear time just got away from them. Rather than phone it in this year, they elected to regroup for 2016 (and they do plan to return).

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