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Movie review: ‘The Walking Deceased’

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There’s one line of truth (“Spring Breakers was amazing”) and a handful of half-funny concepts in the zombie-movie spoof The Walking Deceased. Want to make a zombie’s head explode? Say “Cloud Atlas, Inception, explain.”

Other than that, being disembowled by the undead is less painful and a heck of a lot more fun.

Less a send-up of The Walking Dead than a misfired potshot at various zombie productions from Dawn of the Dead to Warm Bodies, it’s a slop bucket of lazy writing and uninspired jokes.

Dave Sheridan is Sheriff Rick who, like his counterpart in The Walking Dead, wakes up in a hospital after the zombie apocalypse has begun. He eventually hooks up with others -- including his son (Mason Dakota Galyon), who now runs a strip club with zombie strippers, as well as other survivors and one near-survivor, Romeo (Troy Ogletree), a zombie who’s starting to have human emotions again. They head to a mall and a farm looking for a safe place, killing the undead along the way with cheap special effects.

Working from a script by Tim Ogletree, director Ken Dow takes a perfunctory approach that’s actually more than the material deserves. At one point, a character asks “Did humor get killed off in the apocalypse, too?” The answer is yes.

If you want to laugh at zombies, go rent Zombieland instead.

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The Walking Deceased

Director: Ken Dow

Cast: Dave Sheridan, Troy Olgetree, Mason Dakota Galyon

Rated: R (bloody violence, strong language, some sexuality/nudity)

Running time: 88 min.