Social-media stars coming to Dallas for ‘Digi-Tour 2015’

Fort Worth’s reality-TV fest may have had to postpone, but Dallas is going to get what might be described as a surreality fest, and we’re not talkin’ Dalis and Magrittes here.

LiveNation has announced Digi-Tour 2015, featuring “all your favorite social-media stars, including YouTubers, Viners and Tweeters, scheduled to begin 12:30 p.m. Sept. 6 at the South Side Ballroom Outdoors.

The big draw is Alex From Target, aka Alex Lee of Frisco, who became a viral sensation last year when a girl tweeted a photo of him because she thought he was cute. Also in the lineup: Vine stars Jack & Jack, who also have a huge following on YouTube; Vine/YouTube/Twitter/Instagram star Carter Reynolds; master Tweeter Aaron Carpenter; Sam Pottorff, YouTube stars Dylan Dauzat, Daniel Skye and Twaimz, Danny Edge, Paul Zimmer, singing group Forever In Your Mind, Zach Clayton aka BruhItsZach and more.

If that list is a little overwhelming even if you’re on social media a lot, it still merits attention: Almost every one of the above people listed has a business-contact email or link on his/their Twitter/YouTube/Instagram account. So they’re spinning what can sometimes seem like innocuous posts into a bigger deal for themselves, and it’s possible this festival will help others learn how to do that.

And note that these guys (it’s all guys, isn’t it?) include a lot of YouTubers. So there will be music.

General admission tickets are $35 and go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday at www.livenation.com. VIP packages are available via www.thedigitour.com