Kelly Clarkson launches greeting-card line

Kelly Clarkson greeting cards will be available at Wal-Mart
Kelly Clarkson greeting cards will be available at Wal-Mart

Things were kinda quiet in Kelly Clarkson land for a couple of weeks after a huge publicity blitz in late February/early March in support of her new album, Piece by Piece. There was the announcement of the tour with Pentatonix opening. The standing up to the “Most-Hated Woman in Britain” over comments about Clarkson’s weight. The bluesy cover of Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason.

After a couple of relatively quiet weeks, the Burleson-raised singer was back Monday as Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and radio talk-show host Mike Gallagher apologized for their own remarks about Clarkson’s weight. On the same day, People.com posted 6 Times Kelly Clarkson Made More Sense Than Everyone Else, a collection of quotes about what matters in life.

But we weren’t expecting the latest.

Clarkson has teamed with American Greetings to design and create a new greeting-card line to be sold at Wal-Mart. The cards are supposed to debut this week, although not all Wal-Marts may have them just yet.

We were kind of hoping for a Since U Been Gone card, but these sound a little more uplifting. From the release:

“Fans will be able to purchase a variety of different cards that feature bright pops of color, illustrated characters (including one that is Kelly), fun lettering, black and white photos, animals, glitter and so much more. The editorial will feature Kelly’s fun loving spirit ranging from humor to quirky to sincere and even include two custom versions of Kelly singing Happy Birthday. ”

Sounds like the cards will have whatever people need for a moment like this.