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The Star-Telegram is sought after by consumers as a valued and preferred source of advertising information in the Greater Fort Worth / Arlington market. Because of that no other advertising choice in the market can deliver a mass audience or key demographic targets as efficiently as Star-Telegram Media Services -- the Star-Telegram and the family of Star-Telegram products and services. The Star-Telegram family of products and services include many options that help you to reach consumers in a manner that is consistent with your marketing goals.

You may review our collection of PDFs to learn more about our marketplace and our products/services or to review our current ratecards and media information. Just follow the links below. 2014a


  Helpful Information  Star-Telegram Ratecards   Related Products  
  An Introduction to Our Market and Products (PDF)  Ratecard: National Advertising (PDF)
 Niche: INDULGE Luxury Magazine (PDF & link)  
  Star-Telegram - More Than Just a Newspaper (PDF) Ratecard: Retail Advertising (PDF)
Niche: La Estrella En Casa (PDF & link)  
  Star-Telegram - More Than Just a Newspaper - 2 Page Version (PDF) Ratecard: Local General Retail Advertising (PDF) Niche: DFW OT Sports Magazine for iPad and Special Printed Editions (PDF)  
  Map of Star-Telegram Edition Areas (PDF) Ratecard: Digital Advertising with the DFW Online Network (PDF) Weekly: Alliance Regional Newspapers of DFW (PDF)  
  Map of Star-Telegram market as defined in AAM Audit (PDF) Ratecard: Classified - General Advertising (PDF) Weekly: Arlington Citizen-Journal (PDF)  
  Co-Op Advertising Guide (PDF) Ratecard: Classified - Automotive Advertising (PDF) Weekly: Colleyville Courier (link)  
  Co-Op Advertising Authorization Form (PDF) Ratecard: Classified - Real Estate Advertising (PDF) Weekly: Grapevine Courier (link)  
  Star-Telegram Deadlines (Single-sheet PDF) Ratecard: Classified - Recruitment Advertising (PDF) Weekly: Keller Citizen (link)  
  Star-Telegram Digital Specs (Single-sheet PDF) Tips on Creating an Effective Recruitment Ad (PDF) Weekly: Mansfield News-Mirror (PDF & link)  
  Star-Telegram Mechanical Specs (Single-sheet PDF)   Weekly: Southlake Journal (link)  
  Star-Telegram Studio Online FTP site (link)

Weekly: Weatherford Telegram (PDF & link)

      Weekly: Sunday Select (yes!) (PDF)  

Can't find the information you are seeking? Or, want to send general advertising message or want to submit feedback regarding site? Send us a general email message and we will take it from there.

If you are a (non-commercial) consumer seeking to place a Classified ad, please call us at 817-332-3333, visit, or send us an email message. Classified Inside Sales Manager is Carla Crow; she may be reached at 817-390-7533 or via email.

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