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The Star-Telegram is the true standout among media choices in the greater Fort Worth / Arlington metro area. And, alongside our family of specialized products, behavioral targeting and our DFW Online Network, our reach extends across all of Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your media buy.

A few years ago we kicked-off a "Not Yesterday's News" advertising campaign with a Super Bowl-themed ad touting the Star-Telegram’s larger local audience. The campaign has continued since then with themed ads illustrating the Star-Telegram's larger local audience than other considered media. We invite you to take a look below at the campaign materials. Of course, we'd love to hear from you to discuss options that help you reach the greater Fort Worth / Arlington consumer market, and DFW, with a well-respected and sought-after media choice. Just follow the links below.



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  We've Evolved. Not Yesterday's News. (PDF)  A Super Bowl-Sized Audience each Sunday (PDF)  How America Shops and How America Uses Advertising (PDF)  
  The Real Story: Update on Media Industry & Star-Telegram (PDF)   American Idle: Bigger Local Audience Than Hit Show (2010) (PDF)   Advertising Age: Among Affluent Americans, Print Media is Tops (PDF)  
      Advertisers Take The Gold: Olympic Size Coverage (PDF)   Recession Marketing 101: An Opportunity to Succeed (PDF)  
      One-Million-Plus People: Visualize the Audience (PDF)      
      Uh-Oh: Sought-After and Not Skipped like Broadcast Ads (PDF)      
      Unclear Channel: No Static and No Such Thing as Bad Reception (PDF)      
      When Pigs Fly: Irrelevant Media and Other Improbabilities (PDF)      
      Z-Z-ZNN: Better Reception With Print and Online (PDF)      


  Can't find the information you are seeking? Or, want to send general advertising message or want to submit feedback regarding site? Send us a general email message and we will take it from there.  

If you are a (non-commercial) consumer seeking to place a Classified ad, please call us at 817-332-3333, visit, or send us an email message. Classified Inside Sales Manager is Carla Crow; she may be reached at 817-390-7533 or via email.


Star-Telegram Media Services DFW Online Network in Partnership with Yahoo! Not Yesterday's News Contact Us