The time President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy spent in Fort Worth --— landing at Carswell Air Force Base late Nov. 21, 1963, and leaving before noon the next day -- gave the thousands of people who greeted them a lifetime of memories to cherish, before the events in Dallas changed the course of history.
At 11:07 p.m. Nov. 21, Air Force One arrived at Carswell Air Force Base. Thousands gathered to greet the Kennedys. After they shook hands and greeted well-wishers, the motorcade departed for the Hotel Texas.
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Welcome to Fort Worth, Texas
Next on the route
CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer was a police reporter at the Star-Telegram at the time of Kennedy's final trip to Texas. After finishing his late-night shift, he joined a group of reporters and Secret Service agents at The Cellar, a popular downtown bar that closed in the mid-70s.
The Cellar | Thursday night/Friday morning
Hotel Texas
The parking lot speech | Friday morning
Ignoring the cold and misting rain, crowds gathered to hear the president speak in the parking lot across the street from the hotel, now the Hilton Fort Worth. Immediately afterward, Kennedy spoke at a breakfast inside the hotel sponsored by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.
The breakfast speech | Friday morning
A packed ballroom awaited Kennedy and the first lady at the $100-per-plate fundraiser. That’'s where he famously quipped: “I’’m the man who accompanied Mrs. Kennedy to Paris. And I’’m getting that sensation as I travel around Texas. Nobody wonders what Lyndon (Johnson) and I wear.”
Main St. parade | Friday morning
After the Kennedys left the hotel, their motorcade went down Main Street, where thousands of people turned out in hopes of catching a glimpse of them as they began their trip back to Carswell.
Thousands more were able to salute the president and his entourage as the motorcade took an approximately nine-mile route through several neighborhoods in west Fort Worth before arriving at Carswell, and leaving for Dallas.
On to Carswell AFB  | Friday morning
On to Dallas