Randy Galloway

August 16, 2014

After Rangers Sleazeball and dirty Jerry pictures, better days ahead

If you’ve written off the Rangers and Cowboys, here come the Mavericks, Stars, college football and Johnny Manziel.

It’s bad. Real bad. Just how bad?

Thanks for asking.

Our local jock kingdom situation this summer has been so bleak the most exciting event over the last three months has been dirty pictures of Jerry on the Internet.

Other than that, we’ve death-marched through the ongoing Season of Sleazeball by the Texas Rangers, with the latest slime-infested development coming last week when the team’s so-called ace of the pitching staff bailed out of the rotation.

Didn’t say he had a shut-down injury. Didn’t say he couldn’t pitch. Didn’t say he wouldn’t pitch again at some point in September.

But for now, Yu Darvish is definitely taking off a couple of weeks, reconfirming his drama queen reputation, and giving more credence to those who have previously questioned the size of his heart and the size of other important body parts.

By the way, Yu, I think, is kinda doing it right. Kinda.

Based on the failed direction of both the Rangers’ ownership and front-office leadership, it’s every player for his own self, and every player needs to protect his future earning power.

Enough, however, for now about the Daniels Disaster in Arlington.

It’s nearly NFL time in Arlington. Local optimism should be flowing, right? The Dallas Cowboys are back in the saddle, a mere three weeks away from the season opener.

The Cowboys can make us forget the Rangers, right?

No, not exactly, as you already knew. There appears to be minimal, if any, summer glee attached to the coming of the Cowboys.

If you think Shin-Soo Choo in the outfield looks like a dog chasing a Frisbee, wait until this Cowboys defense starts its chasing in September.

On paper, this is the Worst Defense Ever.

Not just Cowboys Ever. We are talking the history of the NFL. Worst Ever in the history of the NFL. Seriously.

Don’t believe me. Check the Internet. Once you get past the Jerry dirty pictures, many NFL “experts” are predicting Worst Ever.

Will the defense be that bad? Probably, yes.

Can the Cowboys even achieve 8-8 once again? Probably no.

Three weeks of training camp in Oxnard didn’t lessen the worry over the defense. Instead, the worry mushroomed.

Between the Rangers’ season and the Cowboys’ prospects in a new season, obviously we’ve had a miserable jock kingdom summer.

But now for our sunshine and daffodils.

Better local days are on the way.

I’m talking Dallas Mavericks here. I’m talking Dallas Stars here. Personally, I’m also talking Johnny Football here.

But first comes college football and that can and will save us almost immediately. The wait ends in two weeks.

No matter your team in college football, there’s a dock for every boat in most Texas ports, and I don’t want to forget the University of North Texas either. That coach in Denton is dang good.

Even if you don’t have a team, pick one out. You may get lucky.

Me, I will be homing in on Texas A&M without Johnny Boy, and I will be homing in on the University of Texas because I love the way the new coach is going about his business.

Can Kevin Sumlin prosper without The Man in Aggieland? Can Charlie Strong prosper by being such a hard-ash in Austin? Good questions, and fun to watch for answers.

Baylor brings intrigue again with its offense, but doubt with its defense. The Central Florida bowl game debacle is still burning in my brain.

Texas Tech is interesting again, but maybe defensively so-so again.

TCU, my personal favorite for no other reason than it is, remains a quarterback question away from being Big 12 strong. But that’s been the case the last two seasons.

Gary Patterson doesn’t seem inclined to rush either of his two true freshman QB studs into action this season, so who then?

But all across the land, with at least a semblance of a playoff system now coming to college football, I’m predicting immense entertainment in this venue. Thank gawd. Around here, do we ever need it.

By early October, the Stars will be skating for real in the NHL season. By late October, the Mavs will be shooting again in the NBA season.

I haven’t been this pumped about the Mavs in years, including the start of what would be a world championship season four years ago. But who knew in October, or even the next May, it would be a world championship season?

The key for the Mavericks? Tyson Chandler staying healthy. He’s older, yes. But if injury luck holds for Chandler, it’s a top-four playoff seeding team in the rough, rough Western Conference.

The Stars? Here’s the up-and-coming-in-a-hurry local franchise.

If you gave up on Stars hockey after the glory days well over a decade ago, well, you weren’t alone. But it’s never too late to climb back on the bandwagon.

This is a young, fun team. It’s going to be a fun season.

And me, my No. 1 form of entertainment in the coming weeks and months, will be sitting down on a Sunday, with that NFL “TV package” thing already ordered, and watching, yes, Cleveland Browns football.

Got to see Johnny. Don’t know yet how much I will see him, and don’t know what I will see if I do see plenty of him.

But Johnny always entertains me.

After the summer we’ve endured, we deserve entertainment. Make your own choice. Plenty of entertainment is coming, and coming quick.

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