Rangers are done, and Cowboys already might be cooked

07/12/2014 5:37 PM

11/13/2014 10:46 AM

Here it is midsummer, and although the blast furnace was a tad late in making a local arrival, the blistering heat showed up just in time to deliver a sweaty goodbye kiss to the Rangers.

With the baseball season over in July — or actually, much earlier in June — it’s the next-team-up syndrome that now applies.

Hello, Cowboys.

Training camp is about to open in Oxnard, Calif. It’s only a week and a couple of days away.

Granted, anything is better than the Rangers at the moment, but then again, we are talking about the Cowboys here. The current excitement level for Jerry and the boys is definitely higher than another Leonys Martin at bat, but

A gamer like Adrian Beltre taking his hacks is certainly worth watching, which leads to the obvious question. Will the Cowboys be worth watching?

Early answer is: No.

Well, maybe 8-8 again. Even that would be better than the baseball mess on the other end of Randol Mill Road.

At least of the two biggest questions concerning the 2014 Cowboys, one is a positive.

How good can this team be, offensively?

Maybe real good.

On the flip side, the other question and massive doubt about the Cowboys is ongoing from last season:

How bad will the defense be? Even worse than a year ago? Statistically, it can’t be worse than 2013’s ranking of 32nd in the NFL. But the eyeball test of the current level of defensive talent tells us to brace for even worse.

Then again, the offensive positives come with a nagging doubt.

From the Department of Believe It or Not, I don’t know what’s harder to take seriously, the Jon Daniels media apologists for this baseball season or the Tony Romo all-is-well dreamers.

The Daniels apologists are now scrambling in attempting to provide a protection racket for their boy. But are the fans really buying that crap?

Meanwhile, the Romo dreamers, starting with Mr. Jerry, are praying the football gods will protect their boy.

As a Romosexual/Romo-truther, I have admitted repeatedly that Tony drives me nuts as the quarterback of America’s Failed Team. But without him, the Cowboys are 2-14, at best, and hoping not to screw up the first pick in the draft next spring.

Romo is a good quarterback, and if we all don’t agree on that, then you’re wrong and I’m right. But he’s also a cursed quarterback. Bad spit always happens to Tony. It’s in him, and it’s going to come out.

But the real issue at the moment totally centers on another area.

Romo is 34 and coming off two back surgeries in 2013 — before the season and again after.

Is it remotely logical to think Tony is going to stay healthy for 16 games this season? Or two games?

It’s not logical.

And the backup quarterback situation is just that. A backup situation. Based on the current backup candidates, it’s even worse than it’s been.

Talent-wise, it made no sense at all this spring when the Cowboys passed on Johnny Manziel in the draft.

Financial-wise, it made all the sense in the world when Mr. Jerry let Manziel move on, even though it had to kill Mr. Jerry not to bring the Johnny circus to town. Jerry would even admit as much after the draft, also saying that Manziel was the highest-ranked player on the Cowboys’ draft board when they passed on him.

But the massive contract to Romo a year earlier prevented Jerry from “investing” in another QB. If Jerry had just said, “I gave Tony too much money and now I’m stuck with him forever,” then it’d be OK.

But no, Mr. Jerry painted Tony as a wimp by inferring the last thing Romo needs is any competition at quarterback.

I happen to think Manziel will be a good NFL quarterback, therefore providing Romo with competition. Others, of course, don’t think so.

Obviously there were many in the Cowboys’ scouting department who agreed with me, otherwise why was Johnny in the Cowboys’ top 16?

The critics can say Mr. Jerry has spent the last how many seasons in a “Romo friendly” mode, doing his best to ensure Tony is comfortable and free of competition. Those critics would be right.

But dang it, Mr. Jerry remained stuck on that same message in 2014, even with Tony at age 34 and coming off a couple of serious back surgeries.

It makes no sense, but it’s consistency, if nothing else. Stupid consistency.

So here at midsummer 2014, with the Rangers’ already deader than Bob and Ray’s baseball brain, and with the Daniels apologists scrambling to protect their boy Jon, the Cowboys are our next team up.

There’s a safe theory out there that anything will be better than the Rangers.


In the case of the Cowboys, exactly how safe is that theory?

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