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September 3, 2014

Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and more talk about Michael Sam signing

Players are ready to embrace Sam as the newest member of the team.

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Michael Sam officially joined the Dallas Cowboys as part of their 10-man practice squad on Wednesday, passing a physical and practicing later in the day.

Sam is trying to become the first openly gay player in the NFL and has an opportunity to do that with the Cowboys, particularly on a defense in need of pass rushers.

Sam said he is looking to help the team win and that’s exactly what his new teammates are also hoping for.

Among their reactions:

Tony Romo: “For us as football players, it’s all about…there are 53 guys, there are 10 guys on the practice squad, consistently, everyone has different politics, religion, views on things, and I think what you find in the locker room is no one cares. It’s about, can you help this football team win? We’re always bringing in people to help the football team. If he can help us, it’s a bonus and we’ll be lucky to have him. It’s just part of the whole process.”

Dez Bryant: “Just like any other player. No different from any other player. He is here to help us. That is why we brought him here. Nothing more than that. … He deserves the same respect as anybody else. That’s what we are going to give him and play football.

“I’m the type of person, I’m not going to judge anybody or do nothing like that. You need any help. You ask me about anything, I’m going to let him know.”

DeMarco Murray: “I didn’t really have a reaction [to him signing]. Just like my reaction to when they signed other practice squad guys. It’s not a big deal. If he’s here to help us win, you know, treat him like any other guy.”

Jeremy Mincey: “He did a good job [in practice], man. He came out and played football. That’s all we’re focused on as a team, getting better. He’s going to push some guys to get better so kudos to him.”

J.J. Wilcox: “I’m excited. He’s a great football player. I don’t take nothing away from him, I have nothing against him. If he can help me win, I’m all in.”

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