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August 23, 2014

Cowboys argue penalty on punt block

The Cowboys claim Tyrone Crawford lined up legally on the punt that Bruce Carter blocked.

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The Cowboys took exception with the illegal formation penalty called on Tyrone Crawford that negated a blocked punt. Pictures taken during the game show Crawford lined up legally, far enough away from the long snapper that he shouldn’t have been penalized, the team argues.

“We have that play a lot in practice, and I know my distance from the center,” Crawford said. “I know I’m not going to line up inside of a yard on him. I mean, it was surprising that they called that on me, because I never have that happen in practice. I was pretty confident I was aware of where I was.”

Instead of the Cowboys getting the ball on the Miami 10, where Crawford recovered after Bruce Carter blocked Brandon Fields punt, the Dolphins retained possession.

“It is what it is,” Carter said. “It happened. We’re going to go over it on film and probably get chewed out. It’s all good.”

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