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August 12, 2014

Magic Johnson is a big fan of Tony Romo’s

The former NBA player and former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda visited practice and talked to the Cowboys.

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Magic Johnson and Tony Romo belong to a mutual admiration society. Although Romo was only 11 when Johnson first retired from the NBA, the Cowboys quarterback hung on every word when Johnson spoke to the team before Tuesday’s joint practice with the Raiders.

“He had some great words of wisdom,” Romo said. “He just has a way to connect with people. Any time someone like that speaks, you’re going to hang on every word, so it was really special and great to see him.”

Johnson is a fan of the Cowboys and the Raiders, but he gushed when asked about Romo.

“People don’t realize he is smart,” Johnson said. “He is an all-around athlete. I hope people understand he puts up 400 yards, and he gets all the grief. He can’t play defense. I’m always defending him. I’m upset when they criticize him. He plays a great game, but they expect him to do everything.”

Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda spoke to the Cowboys after practice.

“You can tell he’s got that passion, that emotion that you hear about,” Romo said. “He kind of showed that off a little bit. It was great, too. He got into it, and I think that struck a chord with the guys.”

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