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August 12, 2014

Orlando Scandrick apologizes to team for suspension

Scandrick will miss the first four games this season.

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Cornerback Orlando Scandrick took full responsibility for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, which led to his four-game suspension to start this season.

Scandrick met with his teammates before the walkthrough on Tuesday to apologize for using a banned substance.

“I made a bad decision,” Scandrick said. “I’m responsible for what goes in my body. I know I’m responsible for what goes in my body. It’s a very humbling experience. I’m very sorry. I apologize to the Jones family. I’m very sorry to my teammates. I’m very sorry to the fans of Cowboys nation and I’m very sorry to my family.”

Scandrick said he ingested something in his body during a vacation in Mexico that was for recreational use. He stressed that it wasn’t a performance enhancer like anabolic steroids, rather a recreational drug known as “Molly” that contained an amphetamine.

“In no way, form or shape was this trying to gain a competitive edge,” said Scandrick, who will forfeit approximately $1 million in loss of game checks and repaying part of his signing bonus.

“I simply made a mistake. It was a dumb mistake.”

Asked how the team reacted to his apology, Scandrick said: “We’re a team. We’re a family. We’re here for each other. I just let them know that I’m sorry and that if you can learn anything from me that you need to do all the right things even when no one is looking. If you don’t think anyone is looking, it matters.”

Coach Jason Garrett felt Scandrick handled the situation well and said the team will support him during the suspension.

“Orlando was completely apologetic about it,” Garrett said. “He realizes it was a mistake. He was very upfront about it and it’s behind him. What we are going to do now is make the best out of this situation in regards to him and the football team. It’s important for him not to lose his spirit because he brings a lot to our team.”

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