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August 3, 2014

Orlando Scandrick picks Romo during practice

Scandrick made an impressive pick on a ball Romo tried to throw away.

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Orlando Scandrick made arguably the most impressive play Sunday. Yes, better than Dez Bryant’s long TD run off a slant and J.J. Wilcox’s big-time tackle. Even if the play only happened because Tony Romo didn’t want to hit a kid on the sideline..

Scandrick climbed the ladder, so to speak, to make an acrobatic one-handed pick. It was a pass Romo said he tried to throw away but didn’t throw it far enough out of bounds for fear of blind-siding a young fan.

“I just wanted to go up and make a play on the ball,” Scandrick said, “and I did.”

Scandrick ran around briefly before sliding to the ground and throwing the ball up. He gave himself up before being touched down, but the Cowboys don’t want him to take a chance on officials ruling it a live ball. Scandrick also could have been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

That’s something that coach Jason Garrett intended to remind his players about in their nightly meetings, saying there were several “teachable” moments on the field.

“You put them in those situations and a lot of really good things happen,” Garrett said. “Then you come back and say, ‘What can we learn from this situation?’ Some of the bad things that happened, you say, ‘OK. Let’s go back, let’s set the stage here. What’s going on? What happened before the play? What was the situation? How do we respond to it?’ They’re great learning moments for everybody.”

The interception was one of the highlights for Scandrick. He lost a few battles, as well, as Dez Bryant caught a TD pass on him.

But Scandrick enjoys facing Bryant on a daily basis and says it will only make each of them better once the regular season rolls around.

“He’s one of the best receivers in the league,” Scandrick said. “I came out here and I competed. I competed hard and I feel things would’ve been a little bit different if we were going live, but I don’t make any excuses. He won some battles, I won some battles. It was a great day.”

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