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August 29, 2014

Jerry Jones emphasizes ‘honor’ in Jimmy Johnson’s Ring of Honor candidacy

Jerry Jones did his best to dance around questions whether former coach Jimmy Johnson would ever be put in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor.

Jerry Jones did his best to dance around questions whether former coach Jimmy Johnson would ever be put in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor.

The subject came up after Jones told ESPN The Magazine he had no intentions of putting Johnson in the Ring of Honor even though Johnson led the team to two Super Bowls. The two had a bitter split that has yet to be smoothed over.

“The Ring of Honor, the last word is ‘honor,’” Jones said. “And so you have to give that some thought and that is just because we have to look at the definition. Tex Schramm told me the definition is someone who made a material difference in where the franchise is. It didn’t have in there Super Bowl winning coaches.

“It said, ‘Somebody that has made a difference in the franchise.’ So that will always be a debate. So when I was asked that question, ‘Will he be in the Ring of Honor?’ I don’t think I answered it. You will have to tell me.”

In the magazine article, it quoted Jones as saying he felt Johnson was disloyal in their time together and that factored into his decision.

Asked about the disloyalty comments, Jones said: “I don’t know. Can you get over disloyalty and the understanding of what disloyalty is? Can you get over those items you’re talking about? Let me just say this: A lot of people had to get over a lot of things to get in a lot of Halls of Fame. We debate this all of the time. When was the last time they put a perfect one in a Ring of Honor or a Hall of Fame? I haven’t seen one. I don’t want to answer it because I didn’t answer it then. I just said, in visiting about it right there, that those are things you think about it.”

Jones went on to say that he has made no final decision on whether Johnson would ever be given the team’s highest honor. Who knows, more time might change his mindset.

“I never comment on who is going in the Ring of Honor,” Jones said. “I really don’t. I want to be consistent. I want to make sure you’re consistent. I never have until I announced it, ever, ever said one way or the other about somebody going into the Ring of Honor. I have never done that. That’s saved for the announcement.

“But I hope that article showed, I hope it showed because I tried to express that, that I had a lot of fault relative to how that came down, too. I don’t necessarily agree that I was right. I hope it said that. One of that got a little Sigmund Freud, depth perception. But anyway, I was really trying to say I accept the freight that might have been involved in the way I handled that decision. I accept that.”

Jones hasn’t added anyone to the team’s Ring of Honor since 2011 when Larry Allen, Drew Pearson and Charles Haley were placed in the exclusive club.

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