Dallas Cowboys

August 12, 2014

Tony Romo ready for his preseason debut

It’ll be Romo’s first game action since last December.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo confirmed he will make his preseason debut against the Baltimore Ravens at AT&T Stadium on Saturday.

It will be Romo’s first action in a game since he underwent back surgery last December, missing the season finale.

The Cowboys have been cautious with Romo during training camp, giving him a day off after every two days of work and holding him out of last week’s preseason opener against the Chargers.

Romo has been on board with the delicate approach to camp, but he is looking forward to some game action. He said the only way to get ready for football is by playing football.

“I think you have to play in the preseason,” Romo said after Tuesday’s joint practice with the Oakland Raiders. “Obviously, some people can’t, but I do know from my perspective, this game is not just something where you can show up and think that you can do. I think it’s been proven far too many times that if you take too long of a break or don’t get reps under you that you will be exposed in certain areas. I’m a firm believer that you have to play football to get better at football. Football’s a way of life. It’s not just sometimes thing. It’s an all-the-time thing if you’re going to be a great player, and I think if you have the opportunity to play, you’ve got to play.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said that gotten better and better as camp has gone along and is starting to look more like himself.

Romo said it’s all part of process and agreed that he was cutting the ball loose a little more now than earlier in camp.

“I think so,” Romo said. “That’s why you’ve got training camp. If you go through an offseason surgery, you’ve got to re-teach yourself small things. The big things are always there. You’ve done them for years. It’s just a couple things tightened up as far as what you want, and it’s been nice to see that.”

Although Romo feels more like himself, the Cowboys have not yet decided whether they will alter their camp plan of giving him a day off after two days of work.

Romo will practice Wednessday when the Cowboys go against the Raiders again. But he may take Thursday off before the team breaks camp on Friday in advance of Saturday’s game against the Ravens.

“You just take it day by day and keep getting better and stronger,” Romo said “You follow the plan we all talked about and came up with. You just do that. We’ll see how everything goes.”

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