Dallas Cowboys

August 8, 2014

Brandon Weeden is sore but pleased

The backup quarterback put up good numbers in his Cowboys’ debut.

Brandon Weeden was sore, but not as sore as he might have been had he not thrown a touchdown. Chargers defensive end Lawrence Guy gave Weeden a shot on the quarterback’s 4-yard touchdown pass to tight end James Hanna in the second quarter.

“I had to keep it alive,” Weeden said. “They covered the flat. That was my first read. Hanna did a great job of stopping. They kind of had the corner route covered. He did a great job of stopping. I tried to get out of the pocket, because that protection is not going to hold up forever, and I kind of saw him back there.

“There was a huge hole. I knew it was going to close quick, so I had to throw it as hard as I could and I kind of got off the ground. Anytime you get off the ground, they have a chance to pile drive you. That’s what usually gets you. He got me pretty good. But it never hurts as bad when you complete them and dang sure doesn’t hurt as bad when they’re for touchdowns. I’ll take it. It may hurt a little bit tomorrow, but I’ll live.”

It was the Cowboys’ only touchdown in a 27-7 loss to the Chargers, but it was the highlight of a successful night for the backup quarterback.

Weeden started in place of Tony Romo, who will make his preseason debut next week at home. Although Weeden said earlier this week that the numbers didn’t matter, they looked good on paper.

In his Cowboys’ debut, Weeden completed 13 of 17 passes for 107 yards with a touchdown and a 111.6 passer rating.

“There were a couple of throws that weren’t the best ever,” Weeden said. “At the same time, the numbers look good. We kept drives alive. I made the throw to Gavin [Escobar] on third down. I thought that was a big one for a drive sustainer. I had a couple down the back.

“We didn’t have any chunk plays. That’s what me and Coach [Scott] Linehan were talking about. We didn’t have any huge, explosive plays. But to put together two drives, 26, 27 plays, that’s pretty good. Unfortunately, we only came up with seven points. But overall not bad for not having chunk plays.”




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