Stephen Jones says it was Romo’s decision to sit out

07/25/2014 9:17 PM

11/12/2014 7:10 PM

OXNARD, Calif. Stephen Jones said Tony Romo’s absence from Friday’s afternoon practice was the quarterback’s idea.

But the team’s executive vice president added that the Cowboys have no problem with Romo’s decision to scale things back early in camp. He is expected to be ready for Saturday’s first practice in pads.

“It’s just purely precautionary,” Jones said. “Tony knows we’re getting ready to get into the competitive part of camp, starting tomorrow. I think he just decided he wanted to make sure he was roaring and ready. He just wanted to take this afternoon, rest up a little bit and get ready. He didn’t want to miss anything that’s competitive. Everybody agreed that it was a good idea.”

Romo is coming off December back surgery, his second such surgery in as many offseasons. He has been cleared to work, but the quarterback acknowledged Thursday wanting to be smart about the situation.

Because the Cowboys were easing into training camp with light workouts against air, Romo figured now was as good a time as any to take it slow and monitor his back.

Jones said there is nothing to worry about with Romo’s back at this point.

“It’s not a problem,” Jones said. “He just decided he wanted to be fresh for when we start the competitive workouts. Obviously, you see we’re doing things a lot different out here these first two days. He just felt like he wanted to feel fresh and ready to go tomorrow and he doesn’t want to miss any of the competitive workouts.”

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