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May 9, 2014

Jones to Romo: Don’t worry about the Manziel talk

Jerry Jones said he tried to squash the speculation leading up to the NFL Draft.

Jerry Jones said he told Tony Romo not to worry about the Johnny Manziel talk before the draft.

“I just told Tony, ‘Just so you know, it looks like there’s going to be a few things written, some visibility with the media, but that’s really a real unlikely thing that you’d spend any time looking at,’ ” Jones said he told Romo.

He said the subject came up a few days before the draft, when Jones noticed some prominent mock drafts connected the Cowboys with Manziel.

“I think there’d been some speculation,” Jones said. “I think one of these guys came out with a mock draft or what have you.”

Extra price

Stephen Jones acknowledged the Cowboys paid “a little extra” to move up in the second round and take defensive end Demarcus Lawrence in a trade with the Washington Redskins.

But he said there were so few defensive right ends, the Cowboys believed it was worth it to swap second-round picks (the Redskins’ No. 34 and the Cowboys’ 47) and throw in their third-round pick (No. 78) to get the pass rusher from Boise State.

“It’s always painful to give up a pick. I mean, you don’t like it. I don’t like it,” Jones said in a conversation with reporters at Valley Ranch. “But you know, you also got to look at reality — a little bit between not having a ton of cap space for free agency and then, you know, having a limited number of right ends. And, you know, we a little bit felt motivated to go get the guy we liked.”

Behavior issues

Lawrence said the main thing teams asked him about were the one-game suspensions at Boise State for breaking team rules.

“They just asked me if I put the suspensions behind me; my childish behaviors,” he said in a conference call with reporters Friday night. “I let all the teams know that I put my childish behaviors behind me, and I’ve moved on and it’s time for me to become a Cowboy, or whoever I was going to become. It’s time for me to grow up and do my duties and play football.”

Asked what the suspensions were for, Lawrence said, “They were just team violations, really; little things. It really doesn’t matter what they were about, it just matters learning from the things and not repeating my mistakes and moving on.”

Asked why he called them “childish behaviors,” Lawrence said, “It was just me growing up, adjusting to the college life coming from a small town and then college. I had a lot of adjustment to go through. Some of my family dying, and I’m up there by myself, nobody to talk to or nothing. I had a lot of stuff on my shoulders, and I just had to learn how to take a lot of that aggression and bring it to football.”

Cowboys fan

Lawrence said he grew up a Cowboys fan. He said at his house in Aiken, S.C., it was a requirement.

“My dad, he’s the head of the household, and somebody can’t stay in his house unless they are a Cowboys fan,” he said, drawing laughter from reporters in a conference call. “My whole family is Cowboys fans, so just imagine them in the room just screaming.”

Lawrence said he can’t explain the feeling to be in the colors of his favorite team.

“It’s just really a blessing just to become a Cowboy at all,” he said. “You wanted to be a Cowboy all your life, and now you get to put on that blue and that silver. So it’s just amazing.”

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