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August 5, 2014

Colangelo says Cuban critics might have missed point

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo says he knows Mark Cuban isn’t against international competition.

Jerry Colangelo believes a lot of folks missed the point when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was critical of the NBA’s and FIBA’s involvement with the International Basketball Committee.

After Indiana’s Paul George suffered a compound fracture to his right leg Friday, sidelining him for the 2014-15 season, Cuban heavily criticized the IOC for raking in all of the dollars pertaining to international basketball, while the NBA and its owners have to absorb all of the risk. Cuban’s comments fueled a national debate and pointed out the unfairness in the IOC’s one-sided financial relationship with the NBA and FIBA.

But Colangelo, the USA Basketball chairman and USA Men’s National Team managing director, viewed the firestorm set off by Cuban in a different manner.

“I think people need to read between the lines, which is basically he’s not against international competition,” Colangelo said during a Tuesday conference call. “He’s against international competition when he believes the beneficiary — being the IOC — is getting the money.

“So he’s basically saying it’s OK for our players to play internationally if the money goes to the NBA and to the team owners. That’s the difference.”

Under terms of the agreement FIBA has with the IOC, any monies made during international competition basically lines the pockets of the IOC. That, in effect, is why Cuban believes the IOC is using the NBA to fatten its bank account.

Colangelo, meanwhile, didn’t necessarily say he agrees or disagrees with Cuban’s stance.

“I’m not sure there’s a debate necessarily,” Colangelo said. “I think there’s some opinions that may lead to some debate that takes place among the owners.

“We can only deal with the facts as they are. Players are allowed to play, owners are not to dissuade them from playing — it’s all part of an agreement. And as long as the rules are as they are, we’ll continue on that basis until it changes.”

The USA Basketball Men’s National Team will start training in Chicago on Aug. 14, play an exhibition game against Brazil in Chicago on Aug. 16, and then train in New York from Aug. 18-22, with exhibition games at Madison Square Garden against the Dominican Republic on Aug. 20 and Puerto Rico on Aug. 22.

From there, the team will train in Spain from Aug. 24-26, followed by an exhibition game against Slovenia on Aug. 26 in Spain.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup will be played in Spain from Aug. 30-Sept. 14.

Parsons status

So far, Mavericks small forward Chandler Parsons has done enough to remain in contention to make the final 12-man U.S. roster.

Parsons is one of 16 players still on a team that must be trimmed to 12 by Aug. 29.

Mike Krzyzewski, the coach of the national team, likes the progress Parsons has made in recent weeks.

“He did a good job,” Krzyzewski said on a conference call Tuesday. “I think he got better as the week went along.

“Apparently he was not allowed to do much during his time, with regards to his contract. So we saw him get better as the week went along.”

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