Dallas Mavericks

December 26, 2013

Mavericks owner says Jerry Jones ‘would be quite crazy to fire Jason Garrett’

Mark Cuban says he hopes the Cowboys’ owner isn’t influenced by the media.

Before his team hosted the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gave his opinion on what Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should do with coach Jason Garrett.

“I think Jerry would be quite crazy to fire Jason Garrett, not that he would,” Cuban said.

“If you’re going to fire a coach you better have something really good to go to before you even think about making a change.”

Cuban said unless Cowboys players have lost faith in him, Garrett should return as coach next season even if the Cowboys lose to Philadelphia at home on Sunday and miss the playoffs.

“Unless there’s something really fundamentally wrong in the way they play, it’s probably not the coach,” Cuban said.

Cuban said Jones shouldn’t allow the media to influence him whether or not he fires Garrett following the season.

“The last thing you care about is how the media responds,” Cuban said. “Maybe you come out after the fact and explain your logic so everybody understands.

“He has his radio show, TV show, whatever, and he has a chance to do it there and he knows that, so what’s the rush? And knowing Jerry from a business perspective, he knows if he waits and says he’s going to explain it on one of those shows, the ratings will be much higher.”

Cuban also said he may need back surgery, or have to take an epidural injection, to relieve pain in his lower back.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo received an epidural injection on Monday to alleviate pain in his lower back.

Popovich praises Blair

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich took the high road when asked if DeJuan Blair had a good argument because he didn’t play much last season.

“DeJuan has a really good argument about whether he should have played more or not, that’s for sure,” Popovich said.

Blair spent his first four seasons with the Spurs before signing a one-year, $884,293 free-agent contract with the Mavs over the summer.

Popovich spoke highly of Blair’s development over the years.

“I think more than anything it’s his maturity,” Popovich said. “He was a young kid when he came in and he didn’t have a lot of experience on or off the court.

“But he’s a really intelligent young man, and he’s a good kid and he works hard.”

Blair averaged 18.2, 21.4 and 21.3 minutes per game in his first three seasons with the Spurs. But his playing time dwindled to just 14 minutes per game last season.

In addition, of the 17 playoff games the Spurs played in the final three rounds last season, Blair did not play in 10 of them.

He played only 77 total minutes, mostly garbage time, in the 11 playoff games he played during the Spurs’ four rounds of postseason competition.

“Each year he just developed a little bit more as far as understanding relationships on the court, understanding what his role was,” Popovich said.

“Off the court, taking care of business, and in general he’s matured into a really fine young man.”

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