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May 13, 2014

Revisiting Rougned Odor’s jersey catch

Everyone remains confused as to how a ball wound up taking the perfect hop inside Odor’s jersey.

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A day after a baseball took a perfect hop into Rougned Odor’s jersey and everyone in the Texas Rangers clubhouse remains confused as how it happened.

Odor got in front of a grounder by Matt Dominguez in the sixth inning Monday and the ball took a high hop and somehow got in between two buttons and into Odor’s jersey.

“No idea how it happened,” Odor said on Tuesday.

Neither does manager Ron Washington or equipment manager Richard “Hoggy” Price.

“I thought the way he jumped it hit in his chest and hit him in his glove,” Washington said. “Then he went to go in his shirt … I just couldn’t believe it.

“Just was a freak thing. I think that’s the second time I’ve seen it happen.”

Washington joked with Price in the dugout after the play, saying Odor should have been given a jersey that fits. Price went on the defensive of how he selected the uniform size, as it’s what Odor requested.

“It’s a perfect fit,” Price said, smiling.

And Price still doesn’t know how the ball got in the uniform. After the game, he tried to get a baseball through two buttons on Odor’s jersey but was unsuccessful in his attempts.

“That was strange, man,” Price said.

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