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April 8, 2014

Upon further review, Ron Washington believes Monday replay was wrong

The Rangers’ manager remains convinced that umpires should have overturned a first-inning call.

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Rangers manager Ron Washington lost a replay challenge Monday for the first time in two tries this season, and a day later was convinced that the umpires still missed the first-inning call.

Umpires held the call that shortstop Elvis Andrus did not have control of the ball as he transferred it from his glove to his throwing hand to attempt a double play, and the runner was safe at second. Washington contended that Andrus, who reached for the throw from second baseman Donnie Murphy, had control long enough, and he might have a point.

“If Elvis decides not to go to first base and just come off the bag, what’s that called? That’s an out,” Washington said. “Elvis reached and caught it, then the hand came in. It’s not like he was bobbling it when he caught it.”

Washington said that umpires informed the club in spring training that they will first call safe and transfer plays and then look at them. Washington expects that the Rangers will notify Major League Baseball of the play and their concerns about it, but he isn’t going to instruct his infielders to not try for a double play when they have to reach for a throw.

“Just keep playing baseball the way you play it,” Washington said.

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