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July 20, 2014

Eric Nadel and others talk about his Rangers’ career and life

In his own words and what others are saying about the Rangers’ broadcast legend.

Eric Nadel on his


“I almost feel that [over] preparation is a weakness for me, not in the broadcast necessarily, but in my personal growth. I need to be able spend more time relaxing, spend more time doing other things, spend more time with my wife, and all of that comes from not feeling that I have to prepare quite as much. Obviously, I’m never going to go in there unprepared, but I don’t have to be overprepared every night.”

Nadel on what he’s like

off the air

“I like to think I’m a kind, generous, giving guy. I have a gigantic circle of friends, which comes partially from doing this job and partially because I’ve made the effort to stay in touch with people I’ve known since I was 3 years old, from all different phases of my life. I stay in touch with all of them. That’s something of which I’m the most proud, that I’ve been able to maintain all these great relationships.”

Nadel on being married to wife Jeannie for 27 years despite the grind of

broadcasting baseball

“The fact that I’m on the road in this job over 100 nights a year means we don’t get tired of each other and we don’t take each other for granted. It’s really helped our marriage. She’s very independent. It wouldn’t work with everyone.”

Nadel on why the only “kid” they have is Nemo, their husky-lab mix:

“When we got married neither of us wanted to have kids. Our agreement was that if one of us changed our mind, speak up. Nobody ever spoke up.”

Jeannie Nadel on Eric’s depth of music knowledge

“We play a game on car trips where we guess the artist or group. I’m no slacker, but he always floors me with how much he can come up with.”

Jeannie on their marriage of 27 years

“Communication, communication, communication. I’m a pretty tough cookie and I have a vibrant life outside of the marriage, so him being away so much is in some ways a blessing. You know what they say about absence ...”

Brad Sham on Nadel’s

ability to make every day a new day

“Today’s game is the only thing that’s important. He treats the game with respect. He doesn’t dismiss it because the Rangers might be out of the pennant race or because the players might not be major league regulars. For these three hours, you treat the game with that respect, because you have to respect the listeners.”

Sham on Nadel’s selection to the Baseball Hall of Fame

“A cynic might say that some of the baseball he’s witnessed over the last 35 years alone qualifies him for the Hall of Fame. The truth is, he exemplifies in my mind everything a baseball announcer can represent. He is the link to the fans, and he’s a link to the fans over generations.”

Dr. Laurie Nadel on her brother’s personality

“Eric was always very outgoing. He’s really smart and very organized. He really likes people and he’s always been like that, and people naturally like him. He’s very extroverted. He’s like our dad in that way.”

Laurie Nadel on Eric winning the Ford Frick Award for Excellence in Broadcasting

“It’s a great honor, like a lifetime achievement award. Eric has dedicated his life to the Rangers and his career. It’s a tough job, tougher than people realize. It has taken remarkable commitment and dedication to the work.”

Rangers manager Ron Washington on working with Nadel

“He’s very enthusiastic, very forthright, very intelligent. He knows what he wants to ask, how he wants to say it. He’s very entertaining, yet very professional in the way he goes about his business.”

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