Texas Rangers

July 20, 2014

Eric Nadel’s sister recalls a special day at Yankee Stadium

Dr. Laurie Nadel admires his compassion for people and willingness to help others.

One of the things Dr. Laurie Nadel loves most about her little brother, Eric, is his love and compassion for people.

She saw that demonstrated firsthand in the three years immediately after 9/11 when, as a doctor of psychology specializing in post-traumatic stress, she ran a program for teenagers and young adults whose fathers were killed in the World Trade Center.

Wanting to do something to help, Eric arranged for Laurie to bring the kids up, two at a time, to sit in the visiting radio booth at Yankee Stadium when the Rangers were in town, no easy challenge in buttoned-down, security-tight Yankee Stadium.

But with help from the Yankees media relations department, Eric persevered.

“It was such a highlight for them,” Dr. Nadel said. “For some, it was a life-changing experience. One boy said it was the most wonderful thing to happen to him since his father was murdered.”

— Jim Reeves

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