Rangers ace Yu Darvish plays waiting game

07/14/2014 6:14 PM

11/12/2014 6:49 PM

Rangers right-hander Yu Darvish is a three-time All-Star who is seeking his first game action, but as of Monday afternoon hadn’t been told if he will pitch. American League manager John Farrell was non-committal.

“Of course, I would feel very honored if I could pitch, but I haven’t been told,” Darvish said.

Then, the right-hander turned into a bit of a jokester, even though he has twice been burned this year when his brand of humor was lost in translation.

Darvish said that if he gets a chance, he will try to throw pitch 10 mph. He also joked that he won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t pitch.

“I can just relax in the clubhouse,” Darvish dead-panned, before quickly clarifying that he was kidding. “It would be interesting to have a person like me, say, to go to two more All-Star games and not pitch. It would be a record.”

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