Former Rangers star Michael Young happy to be retired

06/29/2014 5:21 PM

11/12/2014 6:26 PM

Michael Young said he’s following the Texas Rangers injury situation like everyone else.

It seems like the Rangers have an injury, big or small, each week.

Young retired from baseball in January with a career .300 batting average, 185 home runs, 1,030 RBI, and 2,375 hits. The seven-time All-Star won the American League batting title in 2005 and an AL Gold Glove at shortstop in 2008. He made World Series appearances with the Rangers in 2010 and ’11.

The prospects, however, of Young coming out of retirement to bring some veteran presence in the Rangers’ lineup remains remote at best.

Then again, how many more injuries can the Rangers take?

“I’m good with where I’m at,” Young said. “I’m happy. I had a long run.”

Young recently participated in the Dirk Nowitzki Heroes Celebrity Baseball weekend in Frisco.

How’s retirement? It’s been nice. This is the first time I’ve had a summer where I can do something like this. This is the first summer I’ve had to myself since I was probably 12 years old. My summers were spent playing baseball. It’s been a while since I’ve had a summer vacation and I was due. I’ve spent a lot of time with my family. My three boys have never had a chance to see me in the summer.

Are you staying in shape for events such as Dirk’s event? I haven’t hit a ball in a while and I’m not saying that to be modest. I always had to be on point, and I couldn’t go two days without swinging a bat or I felt like I was out of sorts. Dirk and I go back a long way and this is just another example of what he does for the community.

What do you make of the Rangers injuries this year? Based on what the Spurs did this year [won NBA title], it’s difficult to have that kind of sustained success like they’ve had. We had some great runs with the Rangers, but you know everything has to go well, the stars have to align a bit, and you’ve got to have great players, coaching and health. Obviously, they don’t have the health, but I’ve never seen a team so snakebitten by injuries. Still have a lot of talent. It’s just a matter of getting them healthy.

What are your thoughts on manager Ron Washington? This might be the best job that he’s done. Considering the roster of young guys they’ve had to run out there, it’s a pretty incredible job. But I’m biased. Wash is one of the best guys in the business, if not the best. I love the guy, think he’s done a great job.

Has anyone tried to talk you out of retirement? It wouldn’t happen anyway. I had a great career, and the main thing I wanted to do was get healthy, and with the boys starting to play, I wanted to be healthy enough to do that with them. I know that for as long as I played without going on the DL, I’m going to pay for that. It’s going to hurt at some point. I knew that when I did get out, I wanted to be healthy when I did it, so the time was right.

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