Texas Rangers

June 27, 2014

Jason Frasor would understand trade, but hopes to stay in Texas

The veteran righty has been traded one in his career.

Jason Frasor is having another impressive season for the Texas Rangers, becoming a dependable middle reliever once again. The veteran right-hander had a 2.16 ERA over 31 appearances going into Friday, and knows those types of numbers could make him an attractive trade piece for a contending club at next month’s deadline.

Frasor, like everyone else within the Rangers, hopes the season gets turned around, but said the idea of being traded has crossed his mind.

“Dwelled on it? No, but yeah it’s crossed my mind,” said Frasor, who has been traded once during the 2009 season from the Blue Jays to the White Sox.

“If that happens, it’s OK. It’s really out of my control. I hope it doesn’t. I really like it here and I hope to come back next year, so I try not to think about that stuff too much.

“I don’t want that to affect my performance.”

But, at 36, Frasor would also like to pitch in another postseason race. He has never pitched in the playoffs, but called being in the thick of last year’s pennant race brought the best out of him, as he had one of the best seasons in 10 years.

“You’ve really got to show up every single day because every game is so important,” said Frasor, who posted a 2.57 ERA over 61 appearances last year.

Frasor went on to say that his success the past two seasons in Texas has been tied in part to an improved changeup. When he has that pitch working, his fastball becomes more effective.

“If I have that pitch going, I feel like they shouldn’t get a hit,” he said.

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