Texas Rangers

June 24, 2014

Ian Kinsler talks about his return to Texas

Kinsler has no regrets about his spring training comments.

Ian Kinsler doesn’t know what type of reception he’ll receive in his return to Rangers Ballpark tonight.

Kinsler is happy to be back, still lives in the area and has fond memories of the 2010 and 2011 World Series teams. However, he was unsure how the fans will react to his first at-bat since going to the Detroit Tigers this off-season in a blockbuster trade in exchange for Prince Fielder and after he created a stir with comments about the team and general manager Jon Daniels this off-season.

“I have no idea what to think about it,” Kinsler said. “I gave it everything I had when I played here. I spoke my mind at times, I kept my mouth shut at times, but I enjoyed my time. I enjoyed playing here, putting the Texas Rangers uniform on. That’s my side of it and whatever the other side is, we’ll find out.”

The reason why he won’t receive a warm welcome is comments he told ESPN in a story published this spring, wishing the team goes 0-162 and calling Daniels a “sleazeball.”

Kinsler said he had no regrets about what was said.

“They exactly are what they are,” Kinsler said. “I know what I meant by it. I didn’t lie. I didn’t say anything I thought was wrong.

“I had a pretty good understanding they weren’t going to go 0-162. It was made to be funny with a little bit of competitive streak in it. Everything directed towards the general manager was maybe a little uncalled for, but at the time that’s what I was feeling.”

Kinsler said he hasn’t spoken with Daniels since last season, and reiterated that he wasn’t pleased with how he’d been traded. Kinsler was vacationing with a few Rangers teammates and saw it on TV rather than being told by Daniels.

“I’m pretty up front, tell people how I feel, that’s the way I would handle the situation,” Kinsler said. “He handled it differently. At the time I said those things, obviously I thought he should have handled it a little differently. But I’m over it, I’m past it, I’ve moved on.”

Asked if he intended on discussing anything with Daniels this series, Kinsler said: “I have nothing to say to him, he probably has nothing to say to me.”

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