Texas Rangers

March 1, 2014

Rangers injury report: Elvis Andrus sidelined two days with flexor tendinitis in right forearm

Andrus will take two days off as a precaution.

Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus is sidelined for the next two days with flexor tendinitis in his right forearm.

Andrus is able to swing the bat and headed to the batting cages early Saturday morning. Assistant general manager Thad Levine said Andrus wanted to play, but the team is taking precaution this early in the spring.

“It just happens in spring,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said. “I’m dealing with it now, although I don’t have to play. I’m going to work through mine. We certainly don’t want him to work through it and something happen, so we’re going to back off a couple days. It’s normal soreness but in case it’s not, we’d rather err on the cautious side.”

Andrus has never been on the disabled list in his first five seasons with the Rangers. He has played in at least 145 games, including 156 last year.

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