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August 29, 2014

TCU fans and coaches mingle at “State of Frogdom” luncheon

The annual KillerFrogs luncheon features TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte, head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle and women’s basketball head coach Raegan Pebley.

For the 11th straight year, the most passionate members of the Horned Frogs community gathered to discuss the current state of TCU athletics.

It’s no boardroom of administrators, nor a fancy Frog Club luncheon reserved for high-rolling donors. It’s a meeting for the everyday TCU fan whose nametag spells out an alias like “ArgyleFrog2010.”

On Friday, the TCU open forum website,, held its annual “State of Frogdom” event at Papas Burgers. The luncheon featured TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte, baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle and new women’s basketball coach Raegan Pebley.

“We’re very fortunate that people like Chris Del Conte show up, our head basketball coaches usually show up and baseball coaches,” co-owner Scott Nix said. “It gets to be a really good experience for everybody to get off right before football season.”

All three guests of honor gave a short presentation on the state of their program, followed by a question-and-answer session for the sold-out event. Nearly 100 people were in attendance.

Del Conte’s discussion focused on game attendance and the new game-day experience for TCU fans this year, which Disney was brought in to improve.

“When you go to Disney, you feel the Disney spirit,” he said. “My staff can’t control the outcome of the game, but we can control the experience from the time you drop off until the time the game starts and then you leave.”

Part of that welcoming environment Del Conte discussed will include the man himself bouncing through the tailgate parking lots before the game to introduce himself to fans and welcome them to campus.

The conversation with Schlossnagle centered on the new NCAA baseball rules and the implementation of a new baseball into the college game.

“It’s drastically different in terms of the feel,” Schlossnagle told the crowd. “We’re playing with the exact same baseball in terms of the core of the ball — how hard it is — but they lowered the seams. In a laboratory, at a distance of 300 feet, flat-seamed balls are supposed to travel 20 feet further. If it does that, maybe it will have an effect.”

Schlossnagle also said they are redoing the playing surface, which will include dirt base paths between home and first and home and third.

The crowd was also introduced to Pebley, who stressed the importance of TCU fan support for the women’s basketball team. She also broke down a few of the intricacies of her version of the Princeton offense. has been in existence since 1997 and currently hosts 40,000 members.

At any given time, around 1,000 members are active on the website daily, Nix said.

“During football season, it can get a lot heavier than that,” he said. “We really value what our fans say. It’s the biggest place where people come on a daily basis for people to talk about Frog sports.”

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