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February 27, 2014

TCU track standouts look forward to Big 12 indoor track championships

Horned Frogs running back Jordan Moore is among the Big 12 leaders.

TCU football and track standout Jordan Moore was certainly dialed in to the NFL Combine this year.

Naturally, as a standout running back for the Frogs, Moore can’t wait to have an opportunity to show off his speed for NFL scouts one day.

Moore has found inspiration in the NFL testing days as he prepares to compete in another event with a somewhat similar look: the Big 12 Indoor Track Championships.

Moore will travel with his TCU track and field teammates to the Lied Recreation Center at Iowa State to compete Friday and Saturday. Moore will compete in the 60-meter hurdles and 110-meter hurdles.

Indoor track differs significantly from the outdoor version. Because of the smaller track, sprinters compete in a 60-meter dash as opposed to the 100-meter dash.

“For runners, outdoor just comes easy to them,” freshman runner Tiffany Terry said. “It’s firsthand. Indoor, it’s a lot more strategic and you have to run a lot smarter. You don’t have room for much error on an indoor track because it’s a lot smaller and you have more turns.”

Moore said he and two other football players competing over the weekend, Cameron Echols-Luper and Kolby Listenbee, come slightly more prepared for this kind of challenge.

“You’re going to have to have … power and speed combined and great acceleration,” Moore said. “Your reaction time indoors is going to have to be better in indoor than outdoor.”

Moore enters the championship as the Big 12 leader in the 60-meter hurdles. He said his football background and power training in the weight room help make him successful. He said many competitors’ top speed doesn’t kick in until after 60 meters.

“If you can do a great job in accelerating to your top point before the 60 meters, you have a great chance to win in indoors,” he said.

Other Big 12 leaders from TCU are Raymond Bozmans in the 60-meter dash, Lorraine Ugen in the long jump and the men’s 4 x 400 relay team.

The top 16 individual and top 12 relay performances in the nation qualify for the NCAA indoor championships.

Regardless of the outcome, most use the indoor season to prepare for the outdoor season. But that doesn’t lessen the achievement of winning to those participating.

“If you’re a Big 12 champion, you’re a Big 12 champion no matter what,” TCU track coach Darryl Anderson said. “They can’t take that away from you. If you’re an NCAA All-American, you’re an NCAA All-American whether it’s indoors or out.

“The one thing that differentiates the two is the memory of the fan. They remember the outdoor meet a lot better than they remember the indoor meet because it’s fresh on their mind.”

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