March 30, 2014

NCAA says Final Four digital tickets safe, can be transferred

More than 80,000 are expected to attend the Final Four.

The Final Four is finally set, and the NCAA is expecting record crowds of more than 80,000 for both sessions at AT&T Stadium.

Now the big question is, how do you get into the games, the national semifinals on Saturday and Monday’s national championship game?

For those not fortunate enough to get in on the allotment for the four participating teams and with no tickets available at the box office, there are secondary options.

Tickets can be purchased as a part of a VIP hospitality package via Prime Sports or through the official NCAA ticket exchange program via Prime Sports, the NCAA’s officially sanctioned ticket reseller.

“We are hoping for over 80,000 fans in attendance, which would be a Final Four record,” said Josh Logan, the NCAA director of tickets and marketing.

A great majority of the tickets will be digital, via an electronic ticketing system called Flash Seats. Fans have been asked to register with their email address and credit card number. There are no shipping fees, no lost or stolen tickets, and no counterfeit tickets.

This is the second year for the NCAA to use digital tickets at the Final Four.

“It is not new technology,” Logan said. “It may be new to AT&T Stadium. We think it’s a better way for the fans to enter the stadium from a customer service standpoint.”

The use of digital tickets as well as Prime Sports as the point of contact for the ticket exchange program is not without some controversy.

The majority of the local ticket brokers and resellers are miffed because it has effectively taken them out of the process.

“It’s a racket if you want to know the real story,” said John McFarlane of JMAC Tickets in Arlington. “The Final Four has [ripped off] season ticket holders because they are not releasing actual tickets. You go through the gate with your credit card and get your seat assignments. You can’t give them to a friend. The person who actually bought them has to be there to get them.

“Then Prime Sports is in charge of the resale. You have to sign up with them. Local resellers are taken out of the market. It’s not just about the brokers. They are not happy, but individual fans are not happy.”

Logan disagrees, saying there is a smooth way of transferring tickets as long as the ticket holder registers with Flash Tickets and Prime Sports and transfers the email address and credit card information.

The most important thing for the NCAA is making things safe and secure for the fans.

“This is a safe, secure and NCAA-endorsed way to buy and sell tickets without the risk of counterfeits,” Logan said. “It works better. It gives fans a safe, secure and endorsed way to buy and sell tickets.”

As of late Sunday, an all-session ticket could be had for as low as $675 on the ticket exchange via The all-session VIP hospitality ticket started at $1,170 on

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